Stabs in the dark or strategic?

Everything about marketing is a test. Everything is a hypothesis until you put it to the test.

Last week while I was cruising the mall, I went to see Oppenheimer.

First of all, if you haven’t seen it, go see it, it’s a great movie. Highly recommend it.

I went to the Cinemex VIP theater at the mall in the area. 

Went in early, got comfy, ordered my popcorn and waited for the advertising that we oh so love before the show began.

The advertisements started to begin. Your typical stuff, cars, drinks, chips.

 Then all of a sudden one caught my attention.

A private jet charter company called Millennium air.

It got me thinking.

Why am I seeing this? I’m in a middle class neighborhood. 

1 Hour flight time for this service is probably around 4x the average monthly wage! 

Maybe the movie theater has better data on their audience, who knows.

Just because you are driving attention does not equally mean it’s to the right audience or translates to growth.

It makes you think.

Where are you getting your attention and are they the right crowd?

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