What is marketing?

What is marketing?
dictionary.com definition says the following:
“It is the activity or business of promoting and selling products or services, including marketers research and advertising.”
Marketing is not sales.
Marketing is not advertising.
I was given an operational definition for marketing that summed it up well.
Turning people who do not know you exist into knowing that you do.
Pretty simple and straightforward right?
As I’m walking down the street right now in Mexico City and looking around I see this sign:
“Se Rentan Officinas” which means Offices for rent.
If that sign was not there I would not know that this office existed.
My personal definition is a little bit different.
Marketing is a little step above that.
It’s the promise we convey that meets or exceeds our customers expectations.
Let’s break this down.
Since I’m in Mexico City, let’s use tacos as an example.
Let’s say I see a sign that says “Mexico City’s most flavorful Al Pastor tacos (pork tacos)”.
Now I have an expectation going into that restaurant. If they meet that expectation, I am now a happy customer who will probably come back again.
Here’s a question for you to think about.
What promises are you trying to tell your potential customers and does it meet or exceed it?

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